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How to establish paternity in the state of Missouri

Fatherhood is an important aspect of many people’s lives. When parents hope to provide positive life experiences for their children, this often means developing a healthy child-parent relationship and providing Read More

Could multiple DWI convictions result in felony charges?

Missouri courts take any drunk driving charge very seriously, but people facing these charges after a conviction have more pressing concerns. Will you be punished more severely for driving while Read More

How does property division work in Missouri?

One of the most challenging parts of divorce is figuring out how to divide all your assets with your spouse. Property division laws vary for each state, but each one Read More

How to apply for Missouri child support

When parents divorce or unmarried individuals have a child together, both parents remain responsible for supporting the child financially. Applying for child support through the Missouri Department of Social Services allows the Read More

Diversion programs may help offenders who need a second chance

No two circumstances are entirely the same, and for some Missouri offenders, participating in a diversion program may help make amends and avoid a harsh punishment. When prosecutors review a Read More

Tips for creating the right parenting plan during divorce

Parents address countless details during a divorce, but none are more important than drafting a workable parenting plan. Custody encompasses the legal rights and important life decisions related to the children’s Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts