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The Importance of Aggressive Advocacy in Protecting Your Rights

Howard L. Lotven , P.C. July 18, 2023

Proven Missouri Lawyer Delivers Strong Criminal Defense Counsel

Located in Kansas City, I am determined to give Missouri residents who have been accused of criminal misconduct the professional legal representation they are entitled to. A 40-percent increase in Kansas City homicides during 2020 has spurred calls for “tough on crime” measures. However, these steps sometimes cause more arrests of innocent individuals. Whether you’ve been accused of a felony, misdemeanor, or traffic offense, my firm—Howard L. Lotven, P.C.—offers the immediate legal support you need to safeguard your fundamental rights.

Representing Defendants Charged with All Types of Crimes

There are three classes of misdemeanor crimes in Missouri, with Class A being the most serious. Class A misdemeanors carry a maximum one-year jail sentence. Five different grades of felonies exist under state law. The toughest counts can lead to 30 years behind bars or even life imprisonment. My Kansas City firm provides vigorous defense counsel in every type of matter, such as those stemming from allegations of:

  • Assault — There are four levels of assault charges. My firm advocates for appropriate charging decisions and gathers the necessary facts if the incident was an act of self-defense.

  • Drug crimes — Too often, prosecutors in drug crimes cases rely on improperly collected evidence and seek a result that is overly harsh. Whenever it’s warranted, my firm looks to Drug Court and ways of helping individuals avoid incarceration.

  • Drunk driving — After you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, my experience with Missouri DWI defense gives me the chance to find flaws in the state’s case that others might miss.

  • Traffic offenses — Along with fines and higher insurance costs, traffic violations could lead you to accrue points that add up to driver’s license suspension. Accordingly, it’s important to challenge unsupported citations when they occur.

  • Theft and other property crimes — My firm provides effective counsel in property crime cases where theft, burglary, destruction of property or some other criminal activity is alleged.

  • Murder — The seriousness of a murder charge demands an attorney who has a long track record of achieving successful results for clients.

  • Eluding an officer — Resisting arrest can be brought as a misdemeanor or felony depending on whether the risk of serious physical injury to the officer existed.

Whatever the charges against you entail, my firm is dedicated to providing aggressive advocacy in pursuit of a just resolution.

Guiding Clients Throughout the Justice Process

One mistake, even a stray comment can make the difference as police and prosecutors use their substantial resources to build a case against you. I am a staunch defender of clients’ rights at every stage of the process, including:

  • Arrest and complaint — If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, I can accompany you to the police station, handle any issues that arise during processing and see that you aren’t coerced into providing statements that could hurt your case.

  • Preliminary hearing — During felony proceedings, a preliminary hearing can be held to determine if the state has probable cause to go forward with the allegations. Here, my firm can argue to dismiss counts that are not backed up by evidence and point out instances where the defendant has been overcharged based on the facts at hand.

  • Grand jury — When a case goes to a grand jury, the prosecutor presents their evidence to a group of citizens. Defense counsel does not play a role in these hearings.

  • Arraignment — Formal charges are presented at the arraignment. Should a defendant be incarcerated under onerous bail terms, I attempt to persuade the judge to lower the required amount.

  • Plea bargain discussions — Because I’m very familiar with local courts and relevant laws, I give clients an honest perspective on whether they should take their case to a jury or plead guilty to a lesser count so they can make a well-informed choice.

  • Trial — In matters that proceed to trial, I prepare and deliver thorough arguments, perform skillful cross-examination and make sure that defense witnesses are ready to testify.

Many cases are resolved before they even go to trial, but as a litigator with an extensive track record, I’m not intimidated by going to court when that is the best way to achieve a fair outcome for my clients.

Put an Experienced Advocate on Your Side

My legal practice—Howard L. Lotven, P.C.—handles criminal defense cases for Missouri residents, including those in Independence, Rock Port, and Lexington. Please call or contact me online for a free consultation. My office is in downtown Kansas City.